Thursday, September 29, 2016

Offshore Fishing with No Quarter Sport Fishing - 9/28/16

Great day on board the No Quarter with Captain Kyle Peet. Check out some of the action in the video below

Friday, September 23, 2016

Restless Lady Sport Fishing - 1 Angler Needed for Overnighter

Get the last spot for our overnight trip next week, Sept 28-29Wed- Thur/
We'll leave at 9am Wednesday and return the next afternoon. $525 PP.
Good bite in the Washington and good weather forecast. Call ASAP to reserve your seat.
Capt Sean Welsh 443 373-3413

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Woods & Waves - New Design!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

8 Point Archery Buck

Here is my late report from Wednesday evening!

Was planning on leaving work at 3 today to get out for a couple hours. My afternoon meeting wrapped up early and at 145 I was on my way out of work and to the stand. After a couple stops I was pulling into the property at 245. Got dressed and was climbing the ladder to stand at 3. Was as quiet as I could be walking in. The beans were pretty crunchy and i definitely smacked my bow on ladder pulling it up the stand. 

I sat down and heard something in the tall brush right next to my stand. Had to be a squirrel or something as I just walked in and climbed stand and definitely made a bit of noise. Settled in and at 315 heard noise again and looked up and saw antlers. This deer stood up from the thick brush about 12 yards from me. I immediately saw he was a decent sized deer and his funky rack. Stood up slowly and grabbed my bow. Thought I'd have to wait for him to step into a better shooting lane but the more I looked the more I thought I could fit a shot into the window he was standing. Drew back and felt comfortable and let one go. He was hit great and another deer jumped out of brush as well. He was another 8 point and a good deer to. The deer I hit ran 15 yards, stopped. Then did the wobbly leg and fell over and that was it. My whole hunt lasted maybe 30 min from the time I pulled in to property. The other buck hung around forever, waited for him to calm down and feed off. 

Called my buddy who lived around the corner and he came down and helped me drag it off.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Opening Day Archery Report!

Opening day for Delaware was yesterday, went out to a spot in northern Delaware we have had luck early season before. Unfortunately there are bird hunters who have permission to goose and dove hunt this spot as well.

When we pulled up no one was there at about 4pm so I figured we were ok. My buddy Dan and I headed to the same tree. He was going to film me if we had a shot at a good buck or big doe. We setup about 30 yards back off the edge of a soybean field. We snuck in without kicking anything up out of the beans so I was feeling good about our sit.

After about 30 minutes we saw a little 4 point behind the stand. Definitely not a shooter, but a good start.

About 20 minutes later as it got close to 5pm we hear BANG BANG BANG, and sure enough someone was hunting doves about 100 yards away from us.

After about 3 volleys spaced out 15 minutes apart we talked about packing it up as the deer movement would probably be minimal. Then we saw a good buck, looked like a 7 or 8 point shooter get up out of the beans and head into a hedgerow about 150 yards from us. Just as he went into this hedgerow another buck a decent 5 point came out of the same hedgerow and into the beans and started feeding his way down to us.

The shooting from the dove hunter didn't effect this deer as he took his time feeding down to us. We had him pass within 15 yards, but he was not a shooter and never really offered a good shot anyway.

After that it was a constant flow of volleys from the dove hunters and they were spaced out anywhere from 15 min to 45 min apart. Every time we thought they might have left they'd let out another volley. We stuck it out as the one buck we saw didn't seem to mind the shooting, but we didn't see anything else.

It was still a nice night in the stand. Will try again next week!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Restless Lady Sport Fishing - Limit of Yellowfins

The yellowfin tuna bite in the Washington went off again over the weekend. Big tuna up to 75# were reported from Captain Sean of the Restless Lady team. Check out the pic and report below.

Tuna bite just went off, limited out today with 24 fat YFT to 75 lbs
Need 2 tomorrow/ call asap 443 373-3413

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