Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adam Bomb Sport Fishing! - Tog fishing report!

Check out Captain Adam's tog report. Tog fishing is on fire!

Aboard with us today for another togging open boat were Nadine, Dave, Vince, Pat, and Ronny. We fished two drops today. Conditions were perfect. Winds were light at 10 or 12 knots from the southeast. Seas were fairly flat despite a big long period swell, and we had sunny skies which was a nice change from yesterday's overcast and rain. On to the fishing...our first drop of the day had lots of life and plenty of fish, but they were mostly throwbacks with a handful of keepers in the mix. Our second drop of the day was lights out! We bailed fish with lots of blackfish coming over the rail of varying sizes. We got a lot of nice fish here, with many in the 4 to 7 pound range and a few bigger ones, as well. We also rolled a few mooses here, as well. We'll be back for them! We finished with an easy boat limit and some catch and release action before heading back to Harbor View! Thanks everyone!