Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Restless Lady SF Tuna Reports! 7-15-13 & 7-16-13

Monday July 15
Restless Lady worked the Hotdog area finding the bluefins, yelowfins and Mahi. 10 bites during the day on Laceration Lures bars, chains and Joe Shute 5 oz pink skirts with ballyhoo on the wwb and long riggers. We took an over and under to the dock with                4 releases, 2 gaffers and 1 yft.
Tuesday July 16
Back to the Hotdog and we had a great day. About 17 bites during the day. 12 bft's with 2 to the dock , over at 53" and under at 45" and  2 yft  same spread as Monday. Back at it all week. 2 Great crews, looking forward to seeing them next trip.
See the gear we pull at--
We need 1 angler for this Saturday- call us asap if you can make it.
Thanks from Capt.Sean and THE RESTLESS LADY