Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reel Draggin' Tackle - Deep Drop Tackle - Tilefish - Grouper

Check out these deep drop rigs from Reel Draggin' Tackle below. If you are looking to add some new deep drop rigs to your arsenal or want to try tilefishing for the first time you can't go wrong with these rigs!

These hybrid Deep Drop rigs are designed for dropping in 750 to 1500 feet for very large fish.  After about 600 feet there is little to no light and in our experience, 750 feet and deeper the use of lights and glow gear make a difference.  These rigs are made of the highest quality components. We use  Lindgren-Pitman's best 400# Red mono, 3x stainless steel ultra sharp 15/0 circle hooks. We rig them naked and with larger glow in the dark shell squid.  On these deep rigs we also use glow in the dark leader & crimp guards. When we fish these rigs, we add strip bait to all of the  hooks.  Mahi belly and squid work best.  Compare us to any other tackle maker, you'll be glad you did.