Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sterling Tackle - Joe Shute Chains!

The newest creation from Sterling Tackle is one of their best. Take a look at these custom Joe Shute Daisy Chains.

They offer 2 styles, heavy and light.

The heavy style consists of  4 (1oz) Island Witches followed by 1 (3oz) Joe Shute pin rigged for ballyhoo.

The light style starts with a lead bird followed by 3 (1oz) Island Witches which are followed by a 1oz Joe Shute skirt pin rigged for ballys.

Take a look at the 4 color options below. The light style is priced at $39 and the heavy is $45 you can't beat those prices for these top notch chains.

Steve is in the process of getting these up on his website, so go to Sterling Tackle or give him a call at 609-425-1967  to order these chains.

Heavy Blue/Crystal

Heavy Green

Heavy Pink/Crystal

Heavy Black/Purple