Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tournament Cable Dredges Article - Big Game Fishing Journal

Check out this post from Kelly at Tournament Cable. Chuck's article he wrote for Big Game Fishing Journal about the Tournament Cable Dredge's!

Good morning everybody,

Just wanted to share - Chuck wrote a great article on Dredge Teasers for this month's Big Game Fishing Journal, and it premiered yesterday. 
We have it up on our site(in case you're not a subscriber), but definitely check it out. I know dredges seem to be gaining speed and popularity now, and all of a sudden everyone and their brother are making dredges. But Chuck has been honing and perfecting Dredges for 17 years now here at Tournament Cable, with painstaking attention to quality and detail (if you know him, you know how he is), so you know it's the voice of experience, time, long term testing, and design innovation speaking here in the article. He gives some great advice and real practical insight into incorporating and fishing dredges in your spread, so it’s worth the read. Click on the Cover Picture to see the whole article, or go here: http://www.tournamentcable.com/pgs/d...m?contentid="18
Anyway, enjoy it! ~Kelly