Friday, May 9, 2014

Adam Bomb Charters - Tile Fish Report - 5/8/14 with Video!

Check out the Tile fish report from Captain Adam of Adam Bomb Charters below! They beat up the tilefish pretty good!

Hello all!  We had a blast out on the water today!  Shawn, Traci, Greg, Terry, and Capt. Tom from Fishin' Fever charters were aboard the Bomb today for a run out east to scope out some tile fish bottom.  We picked at them early, with some spiny dogfish running interference for the tiles.  However, as the day progressed, we got away from the dogs and the tiles turned on big time with drop and reel fishing and multiple hookups.  We put our limit of 48 golden tilefish in the box along with a dozen blueline tiles, a couple of black belly rosefish, and a white hake.  What a fantastic day in the deep off of Cape May!  Thanks