Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ductwork Sport Fishing - 5/6 Tile - Another Great Day

Check out the tile fishing report below from Captain Phil Leo of Ductwork Sportfishing. Tile are one of the tastiest fish in the ocean and Captain Phil put his crew on some beautiful Tiles! He is scheduled to go out again tomorrow so stay tuned for more reports and give him a call to book a trip!

Ductwork 5/6 Tile-Another great day with big goldens and bluelines

Had Mike P, Scotty, Josh, and Bruce on the boat today for another tile run. Tight small westerly sea in the morning that laid out by 11a.m. Pretty good drift in the morning only needed 24oz to 2lb...drift died by 11 and we power drifted a bit. Had a nice pick of larger goldens to the upper 30lb class today with a bunch of bluelines. Another great day on the water with a great crew.
Looks like the next weather day I will be east is Friday May 9th. Next schedule trip is May 17th.

Call Captain Phil - 856-834-4170 to book a trip - Ductwork Sport Fishing