Friday, May 2, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report - 5/2/14

Sorry for the lack of posts and reports lately. Been trying to catch up on things at work and around the house, so I haven't been able to post much. I am a little late in getting started with posting my weekly reports. It is already May 2nd and the fishing is definitely in full swing here in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Offshore Ocean:

Not much to report as far as offshore fishing goes. When the weather allows some boats from New Jersey are making the long run to the tile fish grounds and reporting decent fishing, but the ever present and always annoying spiny dogfish have ruined some tile trips.

I expect the first mako or thresher to be caught in the next couple of weeks. We had a frigid winter, but things are warming up and there are even some warm water eddies pushing into reachable canyons for the NJ/NY fleets. It won't be too long before yellowfin are being caught on the troll in the canyons.

Inshore Ocean:

Tog fishing all over the region has been good when the weather has let fisherman out. Good catches are being reported from NJ throughout DE on inshore wrecks and reefs.

Striper fishing out front is just getting started off of NJ. Trolling bunker spoons and chunking and live lining are all taking some nice stripers. This action should continue to heat up and fishing should be on fire in a couple of weeks.

Chesapeake Bay:

Trophy striper season got off to a good start throughout the bay. Good catches of nice stripers were reported up and down the Chesapeake. The last couple of weeks have been a little slower and with the recent downpour we had I expect the water to be churned up and stained which will not help fishing.

The MSSA Spring tournament is this weekend. I hope the fishing improves for everyone participating in this years tournament. Even if you aren't fishing in the tournament be careful with all of the boat traffic and debris in the water from this week's storm.

Delaware Bay:

Striper fishing in the Delaware Bay has been good. The upper bay and river have been the best areas. However, the reports from the mid and lower bay are getting better. As the fish move out of the rivers from spawning and back down the bay we should see good fishing for the next few weeks.

The lower Delaware Bay should also produce the first few black drum this week and it wont be long before flounder are being caught in the DE bay.


Trout fishing is well under way in the Mid-Atlantic region. However with the heavy rains and flooding this week fishing will probably be shut down for a few days. Be careful fishing any high or flooded rivers or streams. When the water levels go back down to normal and the clarity clears up don't be surprised to see trout in new areas. The flooding usually moves them around and even creates new holes and pools for them to hide in.

This is also one of my favorite times to pond fish. The weather is nice, the weeds aren't bad yet and the fish are hungry! Get out there and have fun catching bass, pickeral and crappies this time of year.

Tight Lines,