Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sterling Tackle - 18" Spreader Bars

Spreader bars are one of the most popular offshore trolling baits. These teaser and hook lure all in one packages create a bigger spread without adding more rods. While bigger spreader bars are great, these 18" spreader bars from Sterling Tackle are great for smaller boats or smaller rods. Pulling a big spreader bar from a lighter 30 or 25 outfit is a pain, but these bars pull great from lighter outfits.

I personally use these bars when fishing offshore and have caught tuna, mahi, marlin and wahoo on them! My personal favorite colors are purple/black and pink tiger, but green, rainbow and zucchini are great as well. They also came out with a new color for all their spreader bars this season, white pearl, and while I have not had the chance to use this new color yet the reviews have been outstanding!

Check out the Sterling Tackle 18" Spreader Bars here - Sterling Tackle - 18" Spreader Bars and also take a look at their full line of offshore trolling tackle!


Pink Tiger


White Pearl