Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekly Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report! - 6/12/15

Much better weather this past week. We still had a good bit of wind to deal with, but we did not have the constant rain/wind/no sun that we had last week.

Offshore Ocean:

Yellowfins have been caught up and down the line this past week. Some boats have had to weed through some smaller throw backs, but 30, 40 and 50+ pound fish are also being caught. Bigeyes have also been caught in more numbers. First light and right before dusk is traditionally the best time to get these big tuna to bite. If you are marking them deep during the day it is usually good to keep pounding the area and hope your number gets called and they come up to feed.

Not many boats have been targeting makos in the canyons with all the tuna around, however, many boats have reported makos biting on the troll when looking for tuna. Some anglers have scored on some makos in the mid shore 20 to 30 fathom areas as well. There are still a lot of blue sharks to deal with in this area as well.

Tile fishing was still very good this past week. Big goldens and bluelines were reported for those deep dropping in the canyons.

Inshore Ocean:

Sea bass fishing was better this week. Many anglers reported having to move around a lot to find good concentrations of keeper bass. Cod, porgies and ling are also being caught by those sea bassing as well and make tasty contributions to the cooler.

Flounder or Fluke for our northern friends have started to bite for anglers fishing for them around inshore structure. Large bucktails or flounder rigs tipped with gulp and strip bait is always a good bet for these deep water flounder.

Some stud sized thresher sharks were brought in up and down the coast this past week. Some were reported as far out as 20 fathoms and some were within site of the beach. If you are targeting threshers, smaller baits usually work better as it is easier for them to fit in their smaller mouths.

Up off of northern NJ, NY and CT/MA the striper fishing has been pretty good when weather allows. There have also been a good number of bluefish around as well.

Chesapeake Bay:

There are still some very nice sized fish being caught up and down the bay. Anglers trolling are finding more of the big fish, but they are also being caught jigging and chumming as well.

I have not heard of too many spot being around as of yet, but when they show up in good numbers the live lining bite should take off as well.

Bottom fishing reports should start coming in, in better numbers from lower bay anglers as the perch, croakers, and spot become more prevalent.

Crabbing has been fair to good for crabbers in the lower bay rivers. I have not heard of much happening above the bay bridge as of yet, but it is still early in the season for that area. Hopefully the crabbing is better than it has been the last couple of years.

Delaware Bay:

Drum fishing is slowing down in the lower bay. There are still some fish to be caught, however, there are also a lot of sharks, skates and other junk around to steal your clam and make fishing for drum frustrating.

A few flounder have also been caught in the lower bay areas. The DE reef sites have produced some nice sized flatties.

Kingfish, croakers and other bottom fish should also be making their way into the bay as well.


Pond and lake fishing in the area has been good with bass, pickerel, and crappies all being caught. As the water warms we will settle into the summer pattern of early morning and late evening being the best time to target bass in the area.

Tight Lines,


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