Monday, May 14, 2012

Adam Bomb Sport Fishing - Fishing Reports - May 11th - May 13th

The following fishing report is from Captain Adam Crouthamel of Adam Bomb Sport Fishing. Adam fishes the inshore waters around Cape May, NJ year round. He targets stripers, flounder, tog, sea bass, drum, cod and all other inshore species found around Cape May. I have personally fished with Adam multiple times and each trip was outstanding. Check out his website here for all his latest fishing reports, boat availability and Adam Bomb gear. You can also see Adam Bomb reports and open boat availability at The Bass Barn

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Aboard today were Jeremy and his family for a Mother's Day morning striper trip. It was quite a bit windier than forecast, and unfortunately this wind was against the tide which made for tough fishing conditions as we swung around on the anchor. We had 6 bites and hooked all six...unfortunately, only one was a striper. It was a nice one, though...about 25 pounds. The other fish were 2 skates and 3 big cow nose rays. The crabs were also horrendous as the tore up every bait minutes after it contacted the bottom. Welcome to warm spring water! Thanks guys for coming out!

May 12, 2012

Rich Candy and his crew were aboard today. We were striper fishing, and did find some fish. Our first fish was over 30 pounds, and we had a bunch more bites putting the hook in several but didn't have very good luck getting them to the boat. We did get a couple with the largest over 30 pounds, but gave several the long distance release! In the afternoon, Lisa Ramos was aboard with husband Nick and her dad. We got on a good bass bite, getting a few nice fish in the boat includinga beauty for Nick that went FORTY pounds back on the scale. The fish was just over 50 inches. Our other fish were 20 to 25 pounders. After a beautiful afternoon, we made our way home! THANKS EVERYONE!

May 11, 2012

Denny Joyce and company were aboard this afternoon for their charter. We decided to target drum, and were glad we did! Pushing in to the bay in a stiff 20 knot northwest wind, we got set up and immediately had a couple bites. Neil hooked up on a fish and got our first...a nice 30 pounder. Next up was Sam, but the hook pulled. Then, Sam was on again...a 20 pounder. Kate put the hook in our next fish, and it was a bruiser...over 50lbs! Then, a double! Brian and Neil boated a pair...30lbs and over 50lbs, respectively. After a good afternoon with some nice drum on board, we steamed for Harbor View. Thanks guys!