Monday, May 5, 2014

Late Striper Report - 4-26-14

Went Striper fishing last weekend in the upper DE bay. We got to the ramp at Augustine Beach only to find low tide and no water. Decided to go up to the Delaware City ramp only a few miles away.

Finally got boat in the water and hit the first stop with only about 1 hour of moving tide left. We had one good run off on fresh bunker but the fish dropped the bait. We decided to make a move and ran further south. We set the anchor and waited for the tide to start coming in. Once the tide started moving we had a good bite and it was game on with a nice striper. My buddy's girl friend took the rod and fought her first striper all the way to the boat. The fish decided to take a dive as soon as I went to slide the net under it. The sinker got caught in the net and the leader broke.

We reset the lines and about 20 minutes later it was game on again. This time I didn't make the same mistake twice and we slid a nice 36" striper into the net. With the winds blowing we decided to make the long slow trip back to the dock right into the wind.