Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ductwork Sport Fishing - Fishing Recap & Open Boat Dates!

Below is a fishing recap from Captain Phil of Ductwork Sport Fishing. Give Captain Phil a call to book a trip! 856-834-4170

Been a busy couple weeks....fluke has been up and down with some areas being good and some good one day, terrible the next..there has been a nice improvement lately with size and I expect things to break open now that we are in the last couple weeks of July...We were able to muster 22lbs on 5 fish for the Duke,not enough to place in the money on heaviest 5....we did have the 3rd place heaviest fluke at 6.86lbs, but the fish was dead by the time it got to the scale....so no joy.....Bluefin tuna have shown up in force on the 20 line with some 100lb plus fish mixed in and things offshore improving on the yellowfin with a nice day/night chunk bite developing down south on some nice fish.

We have some openings for fluke on July 19, 20 and 22nd....and I have two spots open on July 21 for a 18hr combined Bluefin/offshore tile tuna trip....as well as some spots later in July for fluke fishing..