Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Restless Lady Sport Fishing - Ocean City Tuna Tournament Recap & Open Boat Dates

Congrats to the Restless Lady crew for taking 1st place stringer in the Ocean City Tuna Tournament! These guys work hard and fish almost everyday!

RESTLESS LADY 1ST PLACE STRINGER/311#(Tied with our friend Mark of Marli)

 Ocean City Tuna Tournament
Check out short video of highlights;  

Report July 14, 2014
Sunday- Capt. Todd and Will went to the Dog looking for Bluefins again. Bite slowed down hard, only a few small keepers. Weather canceled today and tomorrow. Next trip is a overnighter Thursday- Friday.

Open Boat datesSept 23/24- Tue/ Wed- 24 hour over night trip/$545 per person/ Need 2 Anglers
NEW TRIP- Sat/ Sun- Oct 4-5/ 24 hour trip/ need 6 anglers/ $545 per person
Good dates available in September, October is wide open
Restless Lady sponsor- Martin Fish Co., West OC
Restless Lady Charters
Capt. Sean 443 373-3413